Poet Interview #8 : Michaela James

mikkijameswishCan you tell us a little bit about yourself? At what age did you
start writing? Have you always written poetry? Who/what first inspired
you to start writing? Who are your favorite poets?

I am Miss Michaela James ~ woman, transsexual, bisexual all labels. Human being, resident planet Earth. Born and dragged up Ramsbottom. Married twice, 3 boys 4, 7 & 12.

I started writing at approximately 11 year old, lyrics. Never stopped. Became unemployed and I found a poetry website. Decided to renovate my work. I joined a group of writers known as Word Thugs. This was a select group of writers who would critique each others work..probably the most authentic group of people assembled. It had it’s shelf life though. Most of us keep in touch today.

I have had had 3 pieces published in my former name: The Falling Man, Bleeding Moors and Meaning Of Life.

Fave poets? Christopher Pimental, Amy Springfield Bender, Edgar Allan Poe, Oscar Wilde and even Shakespeare.

How do you first start writing a poem? Does it come to you out of
the blue, or do you have a set time where you meet with your Muse each
day and let the words just … come? Has your idea of what poetry is
changed since you began writing poetry?

I’m a sentence collector. Even snippets. I write everything that seems possible down in a book. There’s a feeling to write, it is never forced. I always have music on too.
Poetry for me is a diary of everywhere I’ve been, seen, thought and felt.
Not much has changed in the last ten years. We are still here as always.

Are you on Facebook or Twitter or any other social media? Does that
fit into your writing life, and if so, how?
I am on Facebook under the name Michaela James and have a blogspot at http://sympathyssymphony.blogspot.com/
They are good platforms to showcase your work to the world. But you still have to work at it. Poetry is still relevant today, if not more so and social media prolongs all work for eternity with an open door policy.

Do you have a writing group or community of writers you share your
work with? Who are they? What are you reading right now?
I’m not part of any writing groups at present but I still write.
I am currently reading the How To Train Your Dragon series with my children.

What words of encouragement can you offer other poets who are trying
to get their work noticed?
As I’ve said, promoting yourself is the hardest slog. You must be very active on your chosen platforms, network and critique other writer’s work without the back slapping. Authenticity is huge when promoting yourself. Peace, love and happiness. Miss M. J. xxx


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