Life’s a Streaming Consciousness Party- Brent Danley Jones


Certain kinds of tension,
A cloudiness of meaning
I should understand what’s going on
The words themselves make sense,
Did you notice?
Somehow fascinating, creating
A space ambivalent . . . off to the side
Logic trying to make being,
Like pancakes that make themselves
We expect to see peripheral, to be
Experiencing it, transpiring it
Near the side, the obtuse nature of language
Pursuing some communication between
Two people. The kind of fiction built in
That I appreciate, very willing to
Step any different way, anyways,
In no way in particular,
The transparent-material strangeness that
Stops the message so clearly

Consistently coherent,
Not paying so much attention,
Reading through bits and pieces and
Day dreaming out the window
Engage the aging project of
My own identity, leaning towards polyphony,
—“I’m just going to have a monologue here.”
Voices drove the train to jump more,
The gears would shift into
Someone else intentionally
Rolling into a dream, in which
The transitions are themselves the content.
I’m in the transitions.

Declaring repetition again,
Conflict between what was happening before
And what will happen again,
Beginning again, but hinting repent throughout
Apologize for something gone wrong,
Think of something you have to do:
Reluctance & Regrets
Is this going to work out?
A task has to be done, go in the attempt,
It’s the burden of completion

Understand, we react, step back,
But we’re not going anywhere
What do you make of these expectations?
This pastoral setting thinks in terms of value,
Shadowed in dialogue, an engagement of imagination
For our last parody, pleasant even in clash.
Mended texture following along
The heaviness of this rejection,
Realizing the irony, and the absurdity,
Of simple and unmade response
In subtle shifts, on some level, we’re being
Jarred out of what we developed
You didn’t need to make it anything.


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