Issue [Infinitive]


March 2014 Issue

Sky Burial by Michele Seminara

Riding Dark Horse Nightmare by Joan McNerney

Jazz by Joan McNerney

Bleak by Michele Seminara

I Thought I Was Bottomless by Kevin Elliot

Your Hickies Look like Marilyn Monroe by Pattie Flint


February 2014 Issue

Who I Am by Lennie Bezwik

My Ekphrasis Is A Fraud by Michele Seminara

Jazz by Joan McNerney

Poem & Bones by David Garrett Izzo

Technology Is Not Advanced by Nilofer Neubert

The Truth of It by Leisha Douglas

Happy For You by Jazmin Sharif

I Planted My Garden by Joan McNerney

Those Never Shed by V. Marin

The Tree of Heaven by Marianne Szlyk

Being A Stranger, I Could Tell You by Jazmin Sharif

Beg the Moon by Katie Simposon

River City Blues by Harry J. Baxter

Cloudy Visages and Facets by Jesus Chameleon

How to Appear Dangerous by Amanda Oaks

Island of Wolves by Allison Grayhurst


January 2014 Issue

His Legends Were Like Unicorns by Charlotte Seley

2 poems by Kris Coffield

The Scent In The Morning by B.T. Joy

Santa Liston by Mark Jackley

Some Jazzy Stitches by Chine Marks

My Underpants by Paul Hostovsky

Retro art in black and white from Andrew Topel

2 poems by Alex Stolis

2 poems by Joseph James Cawein

Sun-fed Stone by Joschua Beres

Orca by B.T. Joy

Fifteenth by Zachary Scott Hamilton

Trap by Mitchell Grabois

2 poems by Matthew Toll

2 poems by Gabriel Leif Bellman

2 poems by Evan Iresmith

Loneliness Motel by Michael Keshigian

Atomic Bean by Marisa Glynn

Ecopoem by Leisha Douglas

Part Time by Marissa Skarzinski

No Bulls in the China Cabinet by Charlotte Seley

Velvet Legs by Pattie Flint

Just Move On by Ashlee Beals

Finding God by Ben John Smith

2 poems by Evan Iresmith

Kids These Days by Cameron Blais



December 2013 Issue

A New Psalm by Tim J. Brennan

2 poems by Catfish McDaris

2 poems by Tim J. Brennan

Laughter, Being Yourself and the Smartness of Friends by Jonathan Seidman

A fuck is a unit of emotional effort by Josh Romig

Advice to a Young Poet by Elisavietta Ritchie

2 poems by Robert McCanes

My Country Tis’ Me by John Grey

Burn Victims by Liv-Christine Hoem

Mixed Couple on the Morning Train by Donal Mahoney

The Year I Forgot How Old I Was by Jen Donnell

Making Love by J.D. Isip

2 poems by Douglas Richardson

2 poems by Jeremy Nathan Marks

Jellybean Jealousy by Mariah E. Wilson


November 2013 Issue

2 poems by Madison Clark 

Never Quiet, Never Quite by Joseph James Cawein

Love Stinks by Cee Williams

Afterward by Sara Clark

With Raspberry by A.J. Huffman

Sidetracked by Douglas Richardson

2 poems by Anne Higgins

In the attic, alone, it seems by James Diaz

100 Years by Jon Bennett

2 poems by Joseph James Cawein

Blue Line by Jessica Rizkallah


October 2013 Issue

Once in a Blue Moon by Chinedu Jonathan Ichu

Archipelago Dream by Captain

Hunger Sounds by Ali Znaidi

3 poems by Brett Stout

2 poems by Daniel Bryson


September 2013 Issue

2 poems by Kieran Collier

2 poems by Craig Kurtz

2 poems by Uniel Critchley

2 poems by Joel Harris

Bachelor’s Song by Donal Mahoney

Memorial Day by James Jackson

3 poems by Jon Bennett

2 poems by Joseph James Cawein


August 2013 Issue

Nesting by Mary Ann Honaker

Haiku & Tanka by Darrell Lindsey

2 poems by Mellissa Fry Beasley

2 poems by Stanley M. Noah

2 poems by EJ Koh

A Girl’s Eye by Karina Bush

3 poems by Cassie Ciopryna

Don’t by Neil Fulwood

Fossils by Kirsten Samanich

These Children of Poetry by The Plastic Clown

3 Poems by Matthew Hall

The Moon May Covet by Kristin Roahrig

Longest by Wanda Morrow Clevenger

Seeing Stars by Kieran Collier


July 2013 Issue

3 poems by Paul Harrison

Glacial by Leah Shaper

2 poems by John Grey

Rue Gravier by Patrick Bahls

Locked Doors by Susie Sweetland

3 poems by Joel Harris

3 poems by James Maxwell

Louise by Leslie Jones

3 poems by Anthony Wards

Song for a Badlands Runaway by Dianna Dragonetti

Water in the Desert by Jeanne Lyet Gassman

Take Me to the Taxidermist by Donal Mahoney

4 poems by Darrell Lindsey

3 poems by Ben John Smith

2 poems by Ricky Garni

3 poems by Matthew A. Toll


June 2013 Issue

The Janitor by Danny P. Barbare

Salty by Miller Bradford

A Finite Universe by Andrés Luís Vaamonde

Aerodynamic Drag by Melinda Dubbs

What’s Left Behind by Austin Eichelberger

Global Warming & Other Bullshit by Katrina Willrich

Whore of a Muse by Brian Rosenberger

Unclear on the Concept, Minor Leaguer, and Spent by Phillip Larrea

Monday Mornings and Interview by Kathryn Dennett

Changes of Life by Gary Beck

Portland, Oregon by Patrick Jamieson

#nakedlunch and #bikes by Jamie Hunyor

The Stumps of Flattop Hill by Kenneth Kit Lamug

Friday Nights and Mornings by Evelyn Deshane


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