Walking Is Still Honest Press (W.I.S.H. Publishing) supports attempts at creating honestly.  Honesty is our oldest martyr.  We publish walks with no destination.  We share misadventure & train hopping, unromantic dirty kid vagabonds & glimpses of On The Road shooting stars.

The concept for W.I.S.H. evolved from a number of interviews with poets I held, asking them to fill in the statement, “I think poetry should be [blank]”.

#1 Answer:  Honest

I agree.  Honesty is valuable in poetry.  It allows for accessibility, which allows for a more diverse readership.  W.I.S.H. works to attract non-poetry readers to poetry, broadening the 21st century poetic community, and promoting passion to those who would disregard poetry otherwise.


We publish poetry and art through two methods.  All submissions are considered for both.


Work published here is published as individual blog posts and promoted through W.I.S.H. &  The Southern Collective Experience, and through the personal social media networks of our editors.  This provides opportunity for individual artists to be focused on.


We compile personal favorites, video poems, image macros, music, art of all forms, into bi-monthly issues published as individual webpages.  These compilations are then promoted and shared in a cooperative effort with all creatives published and editors.


Walking Is Still Honest Press is managed under  The Southern Collective Experience.

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thank you Jeremiah for stopping by Heru’s Light and liking our latest post. I am moved by your work here and intent. I wish you much success in your endeavour and in upholding your principles. May it be so. Many Blessings.

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