2 poems by Daniel Bryson

Here’s Some Eggs

I whispered one thousand promises cracked

with one thousand lies of omission apiece

look at that love

it has arms and legs

and wings

but bones made out of concrete

that settled long ago while it slept

for twenty hours in a row,

every day for four months

I Could Probably Convince Your Parents To Change Their Religion(s) on Facebook to ‘Based’ If I Really Tried

i am incredibly high right now

i don’t think anyone

has ever been this high before

i have been trying to say fewer things

about ‘how high i am’

think it detracts from conversation

but words keep coming

for some reason.

want to make sure that i

use what i ‘have’

while i ‘have it’

what that means

oh shit

here comes the end of the poem

how do you write a poem

how do you write a fucking poem



3 poems by Brett Stout

Permeating with Cockroaches
the bathtub water runs constantly
but only cold now,
the cockroaches scurry
militant pride parade
crossing the Atlantic
in plastic bottles wrapped in corporate ad
to Morocco
prancing hand to thorax
thorax to hand
anointing themselves in burnt sienna oil,
suicide seems like an option
but someone keeps hiding the bullets,
the clip is exposed
like my guts
the wood smells of
discount store variety
the iron feels smooth
like her legs
freshly shaven
greased and ice cold
like her hands,
red paint is scraped from my door
and I committed deadly sins,
a slight knock at the door
no one is there
by the time I put my shorts on
and open the door
a greeting card in ultramarine rests
against the screen
is all that’s left for
it’s not a holiday though
and it’s not addressed to me
it rests half-sealed
on my bed now
driving me insane with child-like
Embracing the Erectile Dysfunction of Life
she asks me on the phone,
how my day was,
I want to kill her,
she asks me in person,
how my day was,
I want to kill her,
she asks me after I fuck her,
how my day was,
I want to kill her,
she asks me after dinner,
how my day was,
I want to kill her,
if she asks me one more time,
how my day was,
I’m going to kill myself instead.
Fast Food Fornication
is detestable,
it can’t be corralled
it won’t obey
it won’t be locked up or down
it can’t be killed
I tried
with stolen hollow point bullets
sharpened Chinese imported
but failed miserably
it’s running wild in the weeds
freedom was wanted and granted
now it
like a perverted idea
in the depths of my brain,
is detestable,
it infects me
they sell no
overpriced prescription drugs
magic beans
or anything else,
for what infects me.

Hunger Sounds by Ali Znaidi

little birds are sadly
chirruping in his stomach—
a sorrowful tune coming
out from a broken lyre
pain is intense
just a little dream!
some worms
to mute the birds’


Archipelago Dream by Captain

Once upon a shooting star,

An archipelago dream.

Somewhere among the city lights

A bum once said to me

Keep your cash

& keep your clothes

Keep your food

& keep your green

What’s here and there

and far ahead

is really in-between.

Once in a Blue Moon by Chinedu Jonathan Ichu

The moon’s milk has always seemed white
With a little discoloring,
tucked right inside
the sky is blue, I know
maybe they mistook,
the moon milk to be sky
but there is more sky than moon milk?
Except during night fall
When it’s true color simply vanishes
Like the day
That sets it free.