You can contact Walking Is Still Honest Press using the following email;

WalkingIsStillHonestPress [at] gmail [dot] com

Submissions, queries, and hellos can be sent there.  Please follow submission guidelines before submitting your poetry though, as our spam filter will devour it otherwise.

2 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hello, my material has been published twice before with the same publisher. One was a small poetry book the other was a literary magazine. I would love to enter into your competition. Please let me know if it is possible. I have retained all rights to my material.
    Thank you,
    Lorrie Kasperek

    1. Hello! We don’t run a competition at W.I.S.H.., but we do offer poets publication through the [blog]zine and [e]zine. Follow our submission guidelines to submit, and you’re welcome to send previously published work!

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