Submission Guidelines

W.I.S.H. Submissions

We are currently accepting submissions for web-based publication through W.I.S.H..  We collaborate with our writers and artists to promote each issue and build a community that can be relied upon for readership growth for all involved.  If you submit, expect to assist with the promotional endeavors through posting the issue to your Facebook, personal blogs, and social medias.

For all submission forms, please include a 3 sentence (or less) bio, and links to your author website / projects / social media.  We want to follow your creativity as well!

All submissions not following the guidelines will be ignored.


Poetry Submissions 

We seek cut throat honesty and powerful imagery in the poems we publish.  Please send no more than 5 poems in the body of an email.  No text attachments will be opened.

***If you are accepted for publication, please be prepared to answer a few choice interview questions, as we believe each poet deserves to be recognized holistically by the public as the unique individuals they are.***

If you are submitting visual based poems, please attach no more than 3 images to the email.

If you are submitting video poetry or visual performances, include links in the email’s body to where the files are uploaded (YouTube, Vimeo, etc).

If you are submitting an audio submission, include links in the email’s body to where the files are available.

Publishing Schedule 

We publish poet interviews on Wednesdays, followed up by poetry on Fridays – and often have issues of poetry dedicated to various groups of individuals, so be on the lookout for these!

Send all poetry submissions to walkingisstillhonestpress[at]

Art Submissions

We currently do not accept unsolicited art submissions.

Photography Submissions

We currently do not accept unsolicited photography submissions.

Copyright Notice

Walking Is Still Honest and Nostrovia! Poetry retain the right to publish your poem as a whole or pieces of your poem throughout social media websites, other publications, including anthologies and poem collections published by Walking Is Still Honest Press, related blogs, and other online venues for promotional purposes.  Credit will be given to writer in all locations.  Only submit work if you hold the copyright.  Walking Is Still Honest Press and Nostrovia! Poetry are not responsible for errors made on the submitting poet’s part.

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