The Affair- James Diaz

The Affair-

Harry was a crazy son of a bitch

he’d start every sentence with

“Not that I’d give a fuck what you think, but”

he lost a leg in Vietnam 

then a child ten years later

some say he was a loving man once

now he’s never not on pills

or coke or booze or tirades

and punching walls 

and knocking his wife clear across the room

as if she didn’t lose plenty in all of this too
I heard he died this morning

and all I could think was ‘it’s over,

thank god it’s over’

I drove on out to the house

and handed his old lady a bottle of whiskey

we smoked cigarettes on the front porch

in utter silence

as the rain started to fall hard

on this cursed earth
“Well, that’s that” she says

we stand a while longer not saying nothing

until the wind

takes the rain and sends it heavy into our faces

then we head on inside

to finish what we started thirty some odd years ago.


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