Skinning Honesty Anthology

We got Honesty now.
We have Honesty now.


Skinning Honesty is our first anthology publication.  There is no theme, beyond what we’re already looking for, “upfront and direct poetry that is cut-throat honest“.    We want you confined into poetry.  Imagery is adored.  No “I-want-to-be-Ginsberg” poems please.

The anthology is accepting submissions until January 31st, 2014.  It will be published as an ebook April 1st, 2014, in celebration of National Poetry Month.

We cannot offer payment to our writers, as we are a nonprofit press, and this is a nonprofit project.  We wish we could, but we’re poets to.

Previously published work you own the rights to is accepted.  Please notify us if your poem has been previously published, and when / where.

The publication will be available for download / direct reading from this site.  All published authors will be included on the Poets page, so we can provide you with a juicy link for your site / blog’s SEO.

Submissions are accepted electronically.  Please include “Skinning Honesty Submission” in the subject line.

Send up to 5 poems and a short, 3rd person bio to:

walkingisstillhonestpress [at] gmail [dot] com

I look forward to reading your mouth words and pen words.


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