Smile W/ Sparks of a shotgun shot
smile with sparks of a shotgun shot
The battle begins.

I find this to be both a moving and disturbing poem [What Makes Us Human, Smile W/ Sparks] written by someone age 18. It could be the anthem of many people at age 18 and is universal in that sense…”

-Donal Mahoney, The Grave Digger’s Son

If I had to rate this chapbook, it would be a 5 out of 5, easy.”

-The Arkside of Thought

Jeremiah Walton writes with the all too lucid vision of an acid trip.”

-Peter Jelen, Bareback Lit

…filled with syntax pretzelled in service of beauty and truth….”

-Dave Higgins, Davetopia

It’s hard not to take Jeremiah Walton’s age into consideration when reviewing his most recent chapbook “Smile W/ Sparks (of a shotgun shot).”  After all, he is 18, fresh out of high school, and grasping a poetic voice.  What will shock readers about the chap is how quickly this young poet has found strands of this voice, which is unflinchingly strong throughout….”

– Christopher Byck,  48th Street Press

Smile With Sparks (of a shotgun shot) is Jeremiah Walton’s final chapbook publication for a while.  It is available for direct reading through this page,  and on his personal blog, Gatsby’s Abandoned Children.  Jeremiah managed Nostrovia! Poetry 2011-2013, runs Walking Is Still Honest, The Traveling Poet, and works as editor for Underground Books’ The Kitchen Poet.

This ebook is donation based, and be downloaded / previewed free at PayHip.  Donations are appreciated.  The money goes towards future W.I.S.H. Publications.

If you don’t have the money to make a donation, you can still help.  Simply use the social media tool bar on this page to share the book around.

You can also read the book free at Scribd, or preview you it below.


photo credit: Libertinus via photopin cc


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