The Garden is frozen over.
graffiti garden of eden
Welcome to Eden

@SaddAdam is composed of Adam’s secret twitter poetry from right after he & Eve got kicked out of Eden.

Youth poet Jamie Hunyor authored this unique publication.  Jamie has been published previously at W.I.S.H., Underground Books’ The Kitchen Poet, Infinity’s Kitchen, and deComp magazine.  Shoot him an email at jamiehunyor@gmail.com.

@SaddAdam is available from WISH Publishing through PayHip as a donation based ebook.  Donations help fund future WISH publications.  If you can’t afford to donate, using the social media such as Facebook and Twitter to share Jamie’s book is appreciated.  You can use the share buttons on this page to do so.

@SaddAdam is also available through Scribd.  You can read the document embedded below.


photo credit: mhartford via photopin cc

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