dead butterfly in road

A Kentucky native raised in Atlanta, GA, Julianza (Julie) Shavin is a composer, poet, and visual artist.

She is recipient of three Pikes Peak Arts Council grants, and was named 2011 PPAC Performance Poet of the Year.  In 2012, she was awarded Page Poet. As past-President of Poetry West (www.poetrywest.org), she was editor of the thirtieth anniversary issue of its literary magazine, “The Eleventh Muse.”

Julie blogs at Dropping Like Rubies where she shares her music, poems, books, and creative arts.  Julie has three books of poetry: a chapbook, The Snake Will be There Soon,  In the Air, Against the Air; and a collected poems to April 2011, Of Mortality a Music.   

All money made from her books is donated to animal causes and research groups to fight animal cruelty.  You can listen to her PETA poem performance below:

Hand-Me-Down God is available free from WISH through Scribd, and Payhip. You can read the publication embedded below.

If you enjoy the poems, donations are accepted through Payhip.


by Julianza (Julie) Shavin

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