We like to work with the poets published here.  If you have a book seeking review, don’t hesitate to query.  Want an interview?  Be shameless, tell us why you should be interviewed, what makes you unique.  Have an upcoming book in need of some promotion?  Just mention it.  We’ll check it out.

To further promote poets, we’re going to be participating in events such as the Pushcart Nominations and Sundress Best of the Net.

But to jazz things up, we’re also hosting the W.I.S.H. Runners competition.  All accepted poems are entered for a nonprofit competition for eternal feature on the year’s Runner’s page.  Poems are read blind by a different judge every year.

You can read our awarded poets and nominations with the links below:

2013 W.I.S.H. Runners

2013 Pushcart Nominations

Want to judge for W.I.S.H.?

Judges are not always poets.  The judge could be a random man I pull out of the poetry section of the library, or just a friend of W.I.S.H. who expressed interest.  This is poetry for everybody, so anyone can be a judge.

If you’d like to query to be a judge for 2014, contact us.  Include a brief bio, why you think you should judge, and how you’re involved in the literary community.

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