100% Authentic

Three poems
by Vatsala Radhakeesoon
Letting Go
Lost Love
Shattered dreams
Careless thoughts
Reckless actions
Tactless speeches
of yesterday, the past –
Daily, gradually
I’m learning
to cling to them
no more
Now, I take
a deep breath,
I release them
from my mind,
I spread wide
the wings of wisdom,
I fly to
the light
within my soul,
There I discover
the golden keys –
These are how
the Creator wants
human beings
to really be,
These are what
will open the doors to
Real Freedom,
True Life,
Eternal bliss.
Hymn to Brahma
In dawn’s solitude smiles
the serene,
My body,
are deaf
to all hectic sounds,
All that I can hear
is this hymn-
A hymn to Brahma –
The Creator,
The Divine
My subconscious says
this divine song
has been there
for eternity
“O Brahma!
O Light,
O Space
O Omniscient,
You are
All -Knowledge,
The Absolute,
As I connect to you,
I know myself –
the immortal soul,
the perishable body,
I recognize you –
the Supreme Soul,
My creator,
The artist,
The architect,
The birth-giver
of the universe
O Brahma!
I know that
only from you,
I’ll find
true peace,
real knowledge,
unfailing love
You are wholesome,
You’ll make me
wholesome for aeons.”
Battle of Emotions
In an elliptic
bubble-like transparent
but waterproof, shockproof
rotating laboratory,
amidst the volcanic regions
of Planet Numb
echoed the laughter
of Green Fangs –
the Ruler, the King
Half dragon-like,
Half centaur-like,
Such a creature
was unknown to Earth
Grinned Green Fangs
at the frowning test-tubes
on the golden racks
“Planet Earth, I’m landing,
Emotions Exterminate!”
he roared
In a fluffy
soft cotton wool-like
candy floss pink
serene castle
amidst the sunny lands
of Golden Beach island
vibrated the aura
of Rainbow Light –
the saviour, the guardian
A genteel unicorn
with an illuminated
ruby ornament on its forehead,
A true friend,
A genuine master,
The apple of the eye
of Earth’s inhabitants
Through the meditative third eye
Rainbow Light captured
rays of the venomous mission,
As dark fumes,
it spat it,
it rejected it
“Planet Earth, I’ll protect you,
Emotions remain still!”
it exclaimed
Green Fangs kept on injecting
on Planet Earth
his new inventions –
the powerful vaccines:
Anti bravery,
Anti- sorrows,
Anti – all emotions
Rainbow Light on each
terrestrial corner
spread its defense mechanisms –
the reliable potions:
100% Empathy,
100% care,
100% love,
100% bravery,
100% happiness,
100% grief,
100% all-emotions balanced
The overly tensed battle
went on for hours,
At last, Rainbow Light
with its unfailing
positive thoughts’ shield
hit Green Fangs’ master-mind ,
It disintegrated into
a silvery magnetic rod,
Then it evaporated as fumes
black, navy-blue, grey,
all blended.
Lept with joy
on the rotating Earth
Rainbow Light –
the protective unicorn,
Mother Earth hugged him,
kissed him,
All emotions on Planet Earth
merrily danced like Bacchus’s followers,
They were safe,
They were free.
Vatsala Radhakeesoon is a published Mauritian author/poet. She is the representative of Immagine and Poesia for Mauritius. She is also a regular contributor of Different Truths Magazine and other literary journals and magazines. Her first poetry book When Solitude Speaks was published in 2013.

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Scott Thomas Outlar hosts the site 17Numa.wordpress.com where links to his published poetry, fiction, essays, interviews, reviews, and books can be found. He is a Best of the Net and three-time Pushcart Prize nominee. Scott's poetry books include: Songs of a Dissident (Transcendent Zero Press, 2015), Chaos Songs (Weasel Press, 2016), Happy Hour Hallelujah (CTU Publishing, 2016), and Poison in Paradise (Alien Buddha Press, 2017). Scott is a member of The Southern Collective Experience; he also serves as an editor for Walking Is Still Honest Press, The Blue Mountain Review, The Peregrine Muse, and Novelmasters.

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