Hydra-Headed and Honeyed

Four poems
by Ananya S. Guha
I went into hibernation today,
sort of, I mean the body and
mind recoiled into comatose
and then spiralling arches spoke
and the light grew thicker every inch.
I glimpsed an inner thicket
of forests and trees,
the music was sprung rhythm,
the songs humming with strings,
lucid notes;
that blew up light
with darkness spreading
lugubriousness, and in that
was a voice.
Only You
will know, will do
what the ancient mountain tells
which spouts torrid waters, matching
with heavenly skies, yes only you
will wish that I was not born
into this cesspool of lies
as my face uncovers untruths, truths
of you, me and only you will decipher
how the snake hydra-headed has a honeyed
accent of love, betrayal, as only you
can hold that mirror close to your heart.
I wither with passing of day
not in shape or size
but in mind.
That anatomy lessens
mitigates disbelief, or is it
outside things change.
Shops sprout and whimper
of dogs, adds to cacophony.
Too many things at a time.
This is change, progress.
The weather too changes,
moody, spellbound, otiose.
Flippant observations.
We wait for final metamorphosis.
It was a day of awful
black crows, nesting
by the side, cawing.
They hovered in frenzy,
went out to the rains
to have a bath.
Sloshed, drenched
they came back
with their antics.
they stand on an edge
of a precipice;taking
you with their gauche,
black-coloured bodies.
You are afloat watching them.
They are mirrors,in which
we are cadavers.
Ananya S Guha lives in Shillong, a tiny town nestled in hills and pines, in North East India. He studied in St. Edmund’s college Shillong, and went on to obtain his Phd in English Literature, on the novels of William Golding. He has been writing poetry and publishing his poetry for over thirty-one years. He is a senior academic in one of the world’s largest open universities, the Indira Gandhi National; Open University, New Delhi.

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Scott Thomas Outlar hosts the site 17Numa.wordpress.com where links to his published poetry, fiction, essays, interviews, reviews, and books can be found. He is a Best of the Net and three-time Pushcart Prize nominee. Scott's poetry books include: Songs of a Dissident (Transcendent Zero Press, 2015), Chaos Songs (Weasel Press, 2016), Happy Hour Hallelujah (CTU Publishing, 2016), and Poison in Paradise (Alien Buddha Press, 2017). Scott is a member of The Southern Collective Experience; he also serves as an editor for Walking Is Still Honest Press, The Blue Mountain Review, The Peregrine Muse, and Novelmasters.

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