Stripped by the Sun

Two Poems and Photo by
Irsa Ruci
He Rises the Time
In the field where his mother labored
He paced each day
Every time he faced the sun, he said his prayers
Looking into her eyes;
His sister came after, playing
With her brother’s longing
Reciting with infant words
And the three of them smiled; …smiled
With the voice of time echoing
Their path
… A path filled with light!
He bowed to receive his mother’s blessing
Feeling the wrinkles in his mother’s hands
On his soft hair
And on his manly forehead raised by her kisses…
He sensed the scent of the earth just like his mother’s
That’s why he laid every evening under a tree
With the sun in his soul, singing to life…
Hear the cicada’s song, my dear, hear it
Some words they mutter to spring
And send their whisper to the leaves
To the morning’s dew
So tell me:
Was this world made to be savage?
Oh, what sins did we give to this earth
So that our own tear weighed in powerlessly
At traces that froze in oblivion
The lost sinner
Guardians of Hope
One day we will get away
On a path where there’s no coming back
For sure I’ll carry behind only regret, asking:
Why were we not enough in this greedy world?
And the forgiveness
We were eager to get it
When one day even our soul will see it
Stripped from our bodies.
O tell me that nothing is true
That the poet’s words are thatch stalks
That would be fired by one single match
And I, my last line I’ll give to the Human;
For he prays in the sin’s mercy
And in his life never lied to himself
My last line I’ll save it for the Human…
Irsa Ruçi is an Albanian Speechwriter and Lecturer who has received numerous awards, and whose books include Trokas mbi ajër (poems and essays), 2008 and Pështjellim (poetry), 2010.

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Scott Thomas Outlar hosts the site where links to his published poetry, fiction, essays, interviews, reviews, and books can be found. He is a Best of the Net and three-time Pushcart Prize nominee. Scott's poetry books include: Songs of a Dissident (Transcendent Zero Press, 2015), Chaos Songs (Weasel Press, 2016), Happy Hour Hallelujah (CTU Publishing, 2016), and Poison in Paradise (Alien Buddha Press, 2017). Scott is a member of The Southern Collective Experience; he also serves as an editor for Walking Is Still Honest Press, The Blue Mountain Review, The Peregrine Muse, and Novelmasters.

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