Nostrovia! Poetry’s 2015 Chapbook Contest: Submissions Have Opened!

Nostrovia! Poetry is preparing for its third round at the NYC Poetry Festival by hosting a free Chapbook Contest. Three winners will be chosen, each with a chapbook debuting at the NYC Poetry Festival + the option to hit the stage to represent Nostrovia! & themselves. Submissions are being accepted 3/23/15 + 3/24/15 only. This is a two day flash submission call. Poetry + prose + hybrids & experimental are accepted. All entries are free. Contributors receive 25 physical copies. More info below:

the former Nostrovia! Tavern

Hi Everyone! Jeremiah and I are thrilled to announce that the floodgates have opened for Nostrovia! Poetry’s 2015 Chapbook Contest!  It is free to submit your manuscripts for print publication + debut at the 2015 NYC Poetry Festival, where you will have the option to represent yourself & Nostrovia! on stage / our vendor table.

Full details here (main site sub guidelines) and here (Advanced Submission Call write up).

Deadline: You will have until the end of Tuesday, March the 24th (at midnight, PST) to submit your chapbook!

Send your excellent work to

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