Literati Quarterly: heart-soul stimulation

joschua beres

Joschua Beres is our new editor at W.I.S.H. Publishing, bringing in some pretty new and jazzy ideas for the publication.  This project is going to electronically kick the poetic community solid with new stimulation.

Joschua has his fingers in more than W.I.S.H., and recently launched the The Literati Quarterly, a new press that publishes to “innovate and stimulate the mind, heart and soul by presenting alternative perspectives and spreading important ideas and concepts”. The inaugural issue is slated for release in Summer 2014.  The website is still under construction, but the submission-mouth is hungrily waiting for your writing.

All submissions should be sent electronically though Submittable (don’t worry, it’s free to make an account).  The Literati Quarterly is listed on Duotrope’s Digest where submission report times can be logged by submitters.

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