Cloudy Visages and Facets by Jesus Chameleon

Moon gazing…

Sitting atop a roof,

Staring into space,

Drawing faces into the white clouds…


(…Puffy Pinocchio clouds watch.)


Thinking about what to write,

Feeling a shingly rectangular slab,

Enduring the moonlight of the most poignant thoughts…


(…Arrayed in cloudy visages, observing.)


Seeing a helicopter fly by in the southwest,

Wondering about the war in the human soul,

Spotting the light from a commercial jet come in from the north…


(…Looking askance at earth and drifting…)


By a full moon that is human watching.


One thought on “Cloudy Visages and Facets by Jesus Chameleon”

  1. “Save his reference to religion, I agree with Matthew Arnold when quoting himself in ‘The Study of Poetry.’ He wrote, ‘“But for poetry the idea is everything; the rest is a world of illusion, of divine illusion. Poetry attaches its emotions to the idea; the idea is the fact.”’ My poem—those associated emotions—was the result of an idea, namely, nebulous clouds, forming in an emotional nanosecond; however, for me, divine illusion had been pivotal in exploiting the very high destinies of poetry.” (Jesus Chameleon)

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