Soundtrack [Side I] (Can you hear the music?)

2 poems by Alex Stolis

The Optimist=Ike Reilly & The Kinks

we’re fading &
unsteady fixtures
made of wax
filled with
bones & rag
going nowhere
believing anyone
but this moment

We never got it quite right. The way things used to be.
No going back to that last moment, the one that counted
for nothing. She was lying next to me, all mine, she said.
Unsheathed, pale white in the first hour before it became
light. I got up, opened the shade; waited for thunder.  


The Waitress=Dylan & U2

I’m lit up
she’s lipsticked
armed dangerously
as leaves float
waver into
the trees cover
our escape

We used to be simple, second nature, like sucking in your
breath at sub-zero temps or falling in love with the wrong
person. We definitely needed to not see each other anytime
soon. We never forgot where we were. The grass stopped
growing; it was lonely in the shower that morning.


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Jeremiah Walton

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