2 poems by Gabriel Leif Bellman

On The Other Side of 40

writing a poem
on the wrong side of
is like eating cold cereal
for dinner
i guess it’s still food
but really
we all know
shortcuts like this
lead to a firing squad
in bolivia
some way or another



We waited for you in the south of France on a beach near Monte Carlo where topless French women drank orange melon
and what could have been
Bombay Sapphire
We waited as our twenties exhausted themselves burning
like the Yosemite fire
until there were no embers left to
We waited for you in a bunk bed fever asleep with caustic bottles of plastic syrup laying empty next to our sweat soaked pillows
in dreams of swimming pools filled with bubble baths that
escapes from
We allowed you to choose your name from a million ideas in our heads picking through various font choices and historical references
until you were satisfied it was you and not
somebody else
When you arrived we swaddled you just like the nurse showed us but clumsier
and you came unwrapped like a live banana
When you look at me with milk starved eyes and general gas I offer you a finger to suck on
but it isn’t like you’re surprised
when it disappoints
Some people swear that you chose me because a gentle soul like you needs to be carved with poetry and music like a butter sculpture of a grizzly bear cub
Some people think events in life fold into themselves so that really
only one thing is happening
and it involves everything
so it remains pointless
to distinguish
I believe in holding hands
when you want to
when you both want to
I want to show you how beautiful this world you are joining is
But I will probably just end up just teaching you Spanish and Cursive
In the hope that it will come in handy
If you ever learn to stop texting
ay cabron  :-/   4reals!!!

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Jeremiah Walton

Jeremiah Walton is wary of writing a bio.

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