Laughter, Being Yourself and the Smartness of Friends by Jonathan Seidman

Far and gone so bubbly,
Feeling lovely and hoping for rubber duckies,
Roses in the wind, silk against skin,
Rugs on bare feet and succulently baked meat.
Feeling like at night if things will all be right,
Licking foreheads and sharpening spirits,
Under mounds of cloth and feeling serpeant’s tongue,
Mountains climbed and trails are run.
Nothing’s done, nothing’s done, what’s done is none;
Nothing, but a quiet temper and sparkling eyes
Yield a tough surprise for doubtful minds.
Hear a cry and softly speak because the times
Rupturing our hearts are weak, and until spring ends,
Summer will not be reminding you yet
Like you should begin to forget the life of before,
What you learned on the morns through nights
Adorned, but it was feeling forlorn,
Knowing for what was never adorning
Winter and spring’s life, now eclipsed by the sea,
Felt from the west on the breeze.
Feelings like these
Open me up and help me believe,
Laughter and being yourself and the smartness of friends.


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Jeremiah Walton

Jeremiah Walton is wary of writing a bio.

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