Submission Call: Skinning Honesty

skinning honesty
Let’s get to it.

W.I.S.H.’s first anthology publication is now accepting submissions!

Skinning Honesty is a nonprofit publication accepting submissions until January 31st.  Entry is free.

This is not a themed collection.  We only seek 21st century century poets that are cutthroat honest, direct, up front, willing to splatter paper with creative juices, make us go “dammit, I wish I wrote that”, innovate, and present us who they are in poetry.

That’s all.  Not too too much to ask.  Just good poetry.

Let’s see what you guys have in your notebooks and souls.  You can read the submission guidelines here.

Poets, to arms!


Sharing this post / submission call is deeply appreciated.  Using Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, your blogs, and other social medias will make us want to internet-kiss you.

That, or we’ll just share your blogs through our networks.  Just comment a link below where you shared the post, and we’ll tweet a link to your blog via Nostrovia! Poetry’s Twitter and Nano Nostrovia! Poetry.


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