2 poems from Jeremy Nathan Marks

I have a hand within a hand

I have a hand within a hand

which I draw when I am asleep
and it is perfect

too perfect to be repeated.

I have a hand within a hand
that can do things for you

that I cannot do, even when
I say to you:

I am this hand.

And I mean that because
what you never said

it learned, it heard
from my outer hand

the one you are holding right now

carefully feeling for its pulse
feeling for yours.

So you are in my hands and
I carry you around scentless,

spotless and this is why.


Flightless bird

This evening over at the great library
my intelligence becomes toothless against me

What the co-eds are probably seeing
is the last of my feathers falling

I cannot digest these books
so instead fall in love with a mirror 

There are no words for how I look
no standard of justice either

I have become what I seldom fear
a flightless bird. 



Published by

Jeremiah Walton

Jeremiah Walton is wary of writing a bio.

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