Love Stinks by Cee Williams

previously published in 12 Poems (Crisis Chronicles Press)

reviewed at Unlikely Blond

Love stinks


I don’t know what’s worse

the smell,

or the fact I

keep sticking my nose in it-

stinks like

some poverty stricken diabetic has

has been dipping his gangrenous

toes in it,

stinks like

there’s some yet undiscovered

fungus that grows in it

mold spores carrying amor

find their way

up nasal passage ways to

to the dank dark

corners of my brain

the parts that thrive off pain and

and the thankless search for

a festering odoriferous pile

of rot, covered in mildew,

(I love you)

love stinks

I know this, I do-

heinous as it is, I’ve found

I can’t live without it

forever bound by

my romantic demons’ unwavering persistence

lashed to a floating turd

called love

adrift in the sewer of

this terrestrial existence


Published by

Jeremiah Walton

Jeremiah Walton is wary of writing a bio.

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