2 poems by Craig Kurtz

Hook up w/ the new & improved


a million times before. Genitals

in a bottle, ideological shrink

wrap free of charge. Shipping

& handling to be continued.


Sorry, we cannot complete

your call as dialed.


Live it up w/ the can’t remember

details at all. Flip-top cap

orgasm, pull back flap for more

consenting vitamins & minerals.


Please hang up & try

your call again.


Give it up w/ safe for democracy

bubble pack. Practice blackout

while supplies last. Disintermediated

humans, just heat & serve.


If you need assistance,

dial your operator.


Hook it up w/ disintermediated

democracy. Remember orgasm

for more consenting supplies.

Shipping ideological blackout.


Thank you for listening,

this is a recording.



Save changes


The skipping trickles

of time we share

are amorphous,

revised in the doing.

The knowing is tensile;

the joy, indeterminable.

More makes no sense

when insurpassable

holds sway.


We’ve embraced moments

evanescent & found

recollections tenuous.

You don’t know

& I can’t say. When the

matter of surrender

permits the precarious

to be a gift of chaos,

it’s adorable.


Published by

Jeremiah Walton

Jeremiah Walton is wary of writing a bio.

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