GARY BUSEY by Jayme Karales

W.I.S.H.’s second Jog publication has been published!  Jayme Karales, author of Disorderly (Before Sunrise Press), Youth, and David Bowie Is Dead, has contributed the micro-chapbook Gary Busey.

This collection is donation based, and can be read free at this page.  Donations are accepted through Payhip, and they are greatly appreciated.

“Not Our Place”

The mall isn’t a place for introspective thinkers,
so we sit at home watching reruns of bad TV shows,
and pretend like our problems don’t exist,

I want to shed my skin like a cicada
get away from the Newports, cheap pizza, train rides to work, and unsatisfactory sex that
leads to festering emotional issues that neither one of us has the courage to bring up and
resolve since it would be awkward, and so we vent by blowing up over what should be
basic anger due to stupid shit like not taking out the garbage, or forgetting to wash the
dishes, or running over the dog with your mom’s Honda,


I think I might have my texting shut off,
so you don’t bother me while I’m serving coffee to ungrateful strangers,
and I think I might quit my job, get in a taxi, and go to the airport to leave for Portugal,
I don’t think you’d find me there.


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Jeremiah Walton

Jeremiah Walton is wary of writing a bio.

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