2 poems by Ricky Garni

Passing Fancy

Before you wrote a thing,
you read someone else
and you loved someone else.

You read what they wrote,
and you loved them.
And you loved them so

that you wrote. And you
wrote and wrote and wrote.
And eventually, you loved

yourself, too, you loved
yourself more than anyone
else. But that’s not the point:

the point is, you loved someone
else first. You were many things,
wonderful things,

But you weren’t your first love.


for Faye

I wanted to write something beautiful, because it was late
and I was alone and Oscar Wilde.

I thought of the madness of kissing, places that were hot
and colored, red and yellow wine letters, the wings

that shadow me. And then I found London–“a desert
without your dainty feet” and I thought:

perfect, delicious, obscure, and cosmopolitan! But
who wants that? I do, but only if it brings me you:

alone, absolute, illiterate with words

“Always, devotedly, yours…”


Published by

Jeremiah Walton

Jeremiah Walton is wary of writing a bio.

3 thoughts on “2 poems by Ricky Garni”

  1. OSCAR was written for the wonderful Faye Hunter, who passed away last Sunday. Have a look for her about – she can be found. You will see her face and her art and her music (LET’S ACTIVE) and I think, pretty much no matter who you are, you will like her right away.

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