A Lonely Jog In A Lonely Park

The poem below is a sample from WISH’s first Jog publication, A Lonely Jog In A Lonely Park, by Nikki Dudley.  It is available free from WISH, PayHip, and Scribd.

You can download / read the publication here.  Donations are accepted.  It’ll help with future publications.

Cheers!  Enjoy the poetry!

by Nikki Dudley, editor of Streetcake Magazine

I shiver when I think about you

reading this. Like a police dog hunting for
THIS IS A WAKE UP! This is a rude awakening
but don’t ask why…At least it’s not drink, sir!
(At least, it’s only a small time drug.)

The world is a sea
of questions/answers- are islands amidst the
crashing wavesdon’tthinkitwillbeokay-
It Won’t. Don’t utter a fort or
we will have lost. Don’t utter
a thought, don’t utter a fault, don’t utter…

that cars are invented to cull humanity,
humanity is invented to cull itself.


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Jeremiah Walton

Jeremiah Walton is wary of writing a bio.

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