Glacial by Leah Shaper

I see you stumbling
in a benzo haze
wearing the fur
of a drenched cat
chewing on shadows
on the ground cast
by the overhead sun
you’ve forgotten about
not like the one you look over at
smothered from upward view
by tears of smoke dripping
from bloodied eyes
where scuffles have
shuffled the dust up
as if
could never be
and have never been
sucked away
from your sugared lips
as if
don’t shift and slough
even though
their melted water
is at your heels.


Published by

Jeremiah Walton

Oi ! I’m Jeremiah Walton. For the past ~3 years I’ve been bopping around the U.S. between hitchhiking + rubber tramping, running traveling bookstore Books & Shovels + indie publisher Nostrovia! Press. My focus is in-person distribution at open mics + features + busking. Word of mouth is a fulfilling & feels to be a more intimate promotional process. I’ve featured at the NYC Poetry Festival + San Francisco Lit Crawl + Snoetry Cleveland + Beast Crawl Oakland + This Lil Lit Fest + street corners across the country. There’s a handful of my books floating around the country, but most recently is “From Here Til Utopia” (Ghost City Press). Raccoons + coyotes are my companions. Hope you dig the poems, much love, thank you❤

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